Online Registration Is Closed!

Online registration is now closed! You can still register in person at the race between 7:30 AM and 8:45 AM - just don't forget to bring $10 for T. A. S. K.


The registration fee is a $10 minimum donation to TASK. If possible, we prefer that you make your donation online using TASK's website. Please keep these points in mind when using the online form:

  1. Make sure to provide your name on the donation form. This is necessary to be credited for your donation!
  2. TASK provides many default options for larger donations. You can make a $10 donation using the "Other" option in the "Amount" field.
  3. Make sure to type "Butler/Wilson 5K Participant" in the "Dedication" field on the form.
  4. If you are also paying someone else's registration fee, please also indicate his or her name in the "Dedication" field.
  5. Please select "Please send an acknowledgement to the individual or organization to whom I am dedicating my donation." Choose "Send email acknowledgement" and email the acknowledgement to This is necessary to be credited for your donation!

Click here to go to the online donation page

You can also donate in person on the day of the race using cash.

Teams and team registration

We encourage you to run with friends as a member of a team. There will be special team prizes for the teams with the most finishers. To register as a team, decide on a team name with the other members. Let us know your team name using the "Team name" section on the registration form.